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A fugitive behind Japanese lines : Private Leon Beck on Bataan, 1942-1945 / Gordon Browne

Japanese troops / Carl Mydans

"Japanese soldiers (includ. Col. Hayashi, C) being escorted out of town by Col. Charles E. Grady (L) & interpreter Ernest Stanley (2R) after successful surrender negotiations were conducted to save the lives of 200 Americans they had held hostage…

南方占領地切手・ステーショナリー = [Southern occupied area-stamps, stationery] / [Masayoshi Tsuchiya]

步いて見た太平洋戦争の島々 = [Walking and seeing the different islands of the Pacific War] / 安島太佳由著;吉田裕監修 = [Yasujima Takayoshi cho ; Yoshida Yutaka kanshū]

フィリピン戦跡ガイド : 戦争犠牲者への追悼の旅 = [Philippine war remnants guide] / 小西誠 著 = [Makoto Konishi]

戦場から妻への絵手紙―前田美千雄追悼画文集 = [Pictorial letters from the battlefield to my wife] / 高沢 絹子 = [Kinuko Takazawa]

The Philippine economy during the Japanese occupation, 1941-1945 / by Gerardo P. Sicat

[POW Camp O'Donnell and Camp Cabanatuan]/ [Colonel Irvin Alexander]

Japanese comfort women : one woman's story : the account of Felicidad de Los Reyes / by Anthony Brown

[The Downing of the B-24 over Manila (Recollection by Alberto Montilla, et al.)]

Snows of yesteryear : a family in war and a sentimental education / Elmer A. Ordonez

Eiga : cinema in the Philippines during World War II / Nick Deocampo

Wenceslao Q. Vinzons : the hero the nation forgot / Efren M. Yambot

Disconnect : the Filipino comfort women / Cristina Lope Yl. Rosello

The Gallant Filipino / by Tito Guingona

Memories of the war years : a teenage girl's life in the Philippines under Japanese rule / by Helen N. Mendoza

A Sentimental journey : General Douglas MacArthur's visit to the Philippines

40th Anniversary, Liberation of Manila : 3 February 1985

They carried on! : Silliman University men and women in the Negros resistance movement, 1941-1945 / Benjamin Nisce Viloria

Civil affairs handbook / United States Army Service Forces

Twilight in Misamis : Josefa Borromeo Capistrano's guerrilla days / by Erma M. Cuizon

Led by the spirit : the history of the American Assemblies of God Missionaries in the Philippines / Dave Johnson ; foreword by Rev. L. John Bueno

They call it Pacific : an eye-witness story of our war against Japan from Bataan to the Solomons / by Clark Lee

Escape from Bataan : Memoir of a U.S. Navy Ensign in the Philippines, October 1941 to May 1942 / Ross E. Hofmann ; edited by David L. Snead and Anne B. Craddock

Last stand on Bataan : the defense of the Philippines, December 1941-May 1942 / Christopher L. Kolakowski

Tropic born, war torn : untold tales of WWII in the Philippines / compiled and edited by Susan Vance

The Swoose : odyssey of a B-17 / Herbert S. Brownstein

Tour of duty / John Dos Passos

Surviving a Japanese internment camp : life and liberation at Santo Tomas, Manila, in World War II / Rupert Wilkinson

Softly call the muster : the evolution of a Texas Aggie tradition / John A. Adams, Jr. ; foreword by Richard "Buck" Weirus

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